Part 1 – 2017 March PMI Book Club Q&A Session – Managing the PMO Lifecycle: 2nd Edition

2017 January PMI Book Club—-Managing-The-PMO-Lifecycle

In the Recent PMI Book club closing remarks panel Q&A discussion with the author, the following question was asked

Based on experience, is there a rule of thumb that can be applied to estimate the staff size needed for a PMO?  
Inputs to the heuristic being items like number of project, complexitity, etc

In Managing the PMOLC 2nd Edition, there is a chapter dedicated to PMO sizing, scaling, complexity, organization geographic reach, etc. The chapter includes staff size for the PMO. Further, the case studies chapter shows how various PMO deploy different staffing models which allows the reader to determine similar or different staffing needs depending on the organization. Rule of thumb……need to staff the PMO realistically, don’t over staff and risk letting go of people or under staff and not be able to deliver on what was promised.