Organization Change Management foundation (OCM)

This course provides you a step by step into how to plan, execute, and maintain a successful OCM. Your organization is facing more risk, adopting greater change, amidst rapidly changing technology, and with many more change drivers that could impede adoption. A strong Change Strategy, that considers all driving forces and all risk factors, in the hands of a competent Change Agent, puts you and your organization ahead of the competition. In this Course You Will Learn

  • To become a more effective Change Agent
  • To build a successful Change Strategy
  • Why managing OCM is important to you and your organization
  • Understand the various OCM Strategies – adopt the one(s) best suited to you and your organization
  • Understand change management components at the individual level, team level, and at the organizational level.
  • How to dynamically align change with your organization strategy.
  • About the various certifications to help advance your career in change management


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