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Global PMO Solutions (GPMOS) is an online project management training service provider. GPMOS provides training services that combine latest knowledge with practical experience that helps transform professional training into repeated practice. They have a visionary leadership that builds Global and local PMOs, project management offices portfolios, PPM, projects and programs, by aligning their strategy and execution to deliver results. For details about our comprehensive online training offering, please visit us at

What is STU? Self Teach University (STU) is a user friendly, self-directed and self-catering online training program that is practical and quality driven. STU offers a selection of a professional project management courses that help each professional achieve the desired learning objectives. STU program is tailored towards to enhance professional development and build new competencies at one’s own pace while earning PMI – PDU’s.

STU offers:

The majority of the Project Management Office (PMO) research thus far has focused on investigating issues such as: the PMO, the understanding of the PMO and its various functions, structure, types, roles, the multi structure of a PMO and the PMO’s performance (Karkukly, 2010). As PMOs evolve and the expectations from them increase in line with the demand on organizations to do better with less, the need for an understanding of the PMO’s lifecycle and how it works, operates and evolves, allows organizations to maximize efficiencies from having PMOs translate strategy into execution.

PMOs vary in types, the models available, and their functions. At Global PMO Solutions, GPMOS, we build and train on how to sustain a successful PMO. The PMO Lifecycle and its phases: PMO set-up, PMO build-out, and PMO sustainability described in detail in the book managing the PMOLC. All the three phases and the main activities required to set-up, build-out and sustain PMOs are unfolded in each chapter. Further, All three major phases in the PMOLC have their description and can be seen as an extensive online training that have details of each course listed at self-teach university that is dedicated to online and eLearning. The PMO eLearning allows students the flexibility to self-direct and self-teach to go through the steps of building PMOs at their own pace. Students will learn about project based PMO, Program based PMO, and portfolio based PMO and understand the similarities and differences between EPMO and global PMO