Consulting Services

Our AIM Approach

Global PMO Solutions, Inc. offers best in-class Consulting and Training in all industry around the world to help your organization unlock its full potential. All our services are tailored to fit your organization.

Whether you are seeking PMO setup, Portfolio setup, Agile and Lean implementation, or organization transformation via change management implementation. Our Specialists partner with you and your teams to coach you every step of the way to achieve your goals and performance targets.


Performing Organizations are Proficient.Innovated.

Performing Organizations are Proficient at innovation. Innovative organizations stand out for their competitive advantage and the ability to transform strategy into execution through prioritizing initiatives translating investment Portfolio into projects and or programs that allow for standard method of delivery to improve speed, agility, and achieve greater benefits realization.

Our innovative AIM model helps your organization connect strategy to execution through thorough understanding to your organizational change initiatives and how to improve capabilities starting from the board room to the project team.

AIM Model


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Portfolio Management – PPM

Help you choose the right grouping of investments for your organization and ensure the realization of your combined benefits and value while optimizing the use of your available resources.

Whether you’re planning on establishing a new PPM framework from scratch or need to re-assess your current PPM practice, GPMOS can help you assess, build and support the right PPM process, system, and value structure to ensure delivering on organizational objectives.

PPM Assessment

Help you build the right framework and process to choose the right grouping of investments for your organization.

PPM Design

Design a PPM process that meets your goals and align strategy and execution.

PPM Implementation

Refer to our innovative AIM model that helps assess, implement, and manage your PPM framework.

PPM Governance

Build a governance process that ensures communication and escalation channels are in place and enable decision making ability.

PPM Benefits

Ensure the realization of your combined benefits and value while optimizing the use of your available resources.

PPM Training

Deliver customized training for your organization executive, management teams, and project teams.

Project and Program

Whether you are looking to assess your organizations projects and programs capabilities, or require help with a specific project/ program facilitation, or require the review project /program deliverables. GPMOS can help you succeed through their expertise and knowledge in:

Integrate projects into Programs through sequencing the right set of components
Identify benefit realization and how to track it
Plan the resource demand and allocation across your Program and Projects
Provide Program and Project monitoring and control techniques
Establish Program level and Project Risk Management
Build the right program and project governance

Project Recovery

It is normal for projects to go slightly off-track and go back on-track during the project lifecycle. However, projects going downhill can fast become “troubled” or “failed” projects and unfortunately not all organizations are equipped with “know-how” to recognize the symptoms. Our experienced consultants will help your organization recover and rescue troubled projects, and build preventive measures in place. Our services include”

Assess if the project is in trouble
Identify using our “Project Recovery” method the areas in trouble.
Develop solutions to recover troubled projects.
Identify the preferred solution and apply it.
Avoid problems that lead to troubled projects.
Coach and support your project team

Lean and Agile

Lean and Agile transformations can be difficult without the hands-on coaching at all the layers within your organization. GPMOS coaching techniques helps your organization increase Agile adoption and identify the level of Agile and Lean implementation. Through our Agile experts and our pragmatic approaches, we will ensure organizational adoption, team engagements, individual acceptance to effectively manage in Lean and Agile culture.

Process and Methodology

Challenging projects often add increased pressure on existing resources. GPMOS customize processes and methodologies to help your organization optimize performance and streamline workflow across your projects, programs, and portfolios. Once we establish the right framework for your organization, we build and customize all the required templates and procedural guides and train your staff to meet your need from project conceptualization to commercial operations.

Organization Change Management(OCM)

The need for practical Organization Change Management (OCM) is required today more than ever. Your organization is facing more risk, adopting greater change, amidst rapidly changing technology, and with many more change drivers that could impede adoption. A strong Change Strategy, that considers all driving forces and all risk factors, in the hands of a competent Change Agent, puts you and your organization ahead of the competition. GPMOS can help you assess the need, know the impact, and deliver customized OCM plan that meet the needs of your organization.