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What is a PMO? “The PMO is a critical organizational entity that adopts a variety of roles and structures but should be focused on adding value to an organization and its customers to achieve the desired organizational performance.” (karkukly, 2015)

PMO Life Cycle Guide

Many organizations struggle to answer these questions:

  • Should my company invest in a PMO?
  • What functions should my PMO perform?
  • What value will this PMO add, and how can I promote this internally?
  • What internal and external challenges that PMO’s face?
  • What are organizations’ priorities for the upcoming year, and how best to align this with the PMO?
  • How can my PMO keep up with the new trends?

If your organization looking to answer these questions, then look no further Managing the PMO lifecycle has all the answers.

Whether you are looking to:

  • Learn how to setup a PMO and achieve value add.
  • Educate executive leadership on the value of PMOs
  • Socialize PMOs concepts with all organization layers
  • Access to PMO toolkit that is ready to use
  • Learn how to Sustain PMO operation and improve performance of an existing PMO
  • Learn from other organizations’ experiences.

The book offer has many case studies to choose from that provide you with insights into how many organizations that are like yours have established their PMOs.

PMO Setup

There is an increased demand on organizations to improve performance and realize benefits, GPMOS has the answer.

We partner with you in setting up customizing your very own PMO that will identify and track benefits and sustain and increase value to boost your organization performance.

Whether you’re planning on setting up a new PMO from scratch or need to revitalize your existing PMO, GPMOS has a step-by-step approach to setup, build, and optimize your very own custom fit PMO.

PMO Assessment:

Assess your organizational needs for executive buy-in, organization readiness, level of maturity, strategy, and culture

PMO Setup:

Design a PMO that meets your goals and provide you with a PMO roadmap to align with your organization mandate to build the required functions and hire the right talent

PMO Build:

Work with you on the establishing a change management and an execution plan that act on the approved roadmap activities ensuring organization adoption which include building the interaction model across the organization entities to ensure smooth collaboration of the PMO rollout

PMO Sustainability:

Establish and train you as the PMO leader and your staff on the required support elements to sustain the performance of the PMO and contribute to the success of the PMO in the organization

PMO Methodology:

Build your project methodology, program methodology, and your PPM methodology based on Industry standards valuing your specific organization’s needs

PMO Delivery:

Tailor project support for improved project controls and administration

PMO Training:

Deliver customized training for your organization executive, senior management, middle management, and project teams

To schedule your initial free PMO Assessment, please Contact Us.

PMO Coaching

Think of GPMOS as your personal trainer that trains you to succeed in this marathon.

We work with you the PMO leader to establish your own approach to implement your organization PMO framework

Whether you are looking to:

  • Train on how to setup, build, and operate your PMO
  • Pick our brain on possible PMO options and solutions
  • Brain storm ideas with us and have us be your bouncing board

We focus on you to ensure you have all what it takes to succeed in managing your PMO.

Our PMO Savvies have wealth of experiences to share and learn from, and they are eager to transform you be as Savvy.

PMO Outsourcing

Virtual PMO

While the PMO function has become a critical success factor for organization performance, the overhead costs associated with the set-up and management of PMO functions and activities can be prohibitive for many companies.

Additionally, the length of time and expertise it may require, lead many organizations therefore to decide not to pursue the establishment of a PMO.

If you seek to the Value-Add from a PMO, but you do not have the time, nor the in-house expertise, nor you require full-time PMO on site, then look no further.

GPMOS can help setup or re-establish a Value-Add PMO following a tailored roadmap to your needs that ensures the success of your new or existing PMO with the sustainment of the Value-Add.

Whether you are looking to:

Benefits of Virtual or Outsourced PMO:

Tremendous reduced time, cost, and risk to implement PMO management and established functions
Highly skilled experts immediately available to turn your strategy into successful execution
Eliminate potential conflict of interest by synergies and improved performance from independent unbiased experts
Improve organization customer focus by providing the highest levels of competent project management standards
Just-in-Time Project Management that allow organization to recruit expert project managers’ on-demand
  • Leverage our expertise part-time or full time
  • Coaching, mentoring, and supporting your employees
  • Providing you with score cards and KPI’s to sustain the Value-Add

We have the successful experience and the right flexible model to choose from.


PMO Learning

PMOs have become corner stones in many organizations seeking to achieve more and improve their delivery cycle.

The course is designed for those who are looking to set-up and sustain their PMO.