Introduction to Project Management – Ten Steps to Manage Projects Successfully


Getting Started:


1- How to get started

In very clear steps, this course provides you with tools and knowledge you need to kick-start your knowledge and understanding. Start a new career in project management or learn how to apply the skill for your everyday endeavours.


2-Find clarity and direction

Through its simplicity and focus on what really matters, this course will help you avoid many of the common pitfalls and set you on a path to succeed in learning, managing, and running a project


3-Build confidence

Learn to succeed in your study, in your job, and in running any project. Learn the components that goes into a project and all the factors and risks associated with it.



About the course:

This course will provide you with an overview of basic concepts of project management, as well as tips, tools and techniques on how to leverage project management for success in your everyday endeavors.

This course is designed for the general public to learn about project management and leverage project management techniques in every day practice. This course is for you whether you are:

  • A student evaluating how to manage your time
  • A mother juggling home, family and have a tight budget to work with
  • An administration officer in charge of events, schedules
  • Any individual is looking to start a career in project management


In this Course You Will Learn:

  • General concepts and terminology in project management
  • Project management role in to-days business
  • How to apply project management concepts to your work
  • Tips and techniques to use in every day situation
  • Identify the elements of a project pertaining to people, time, and cost


Curriculum Project Manager (Interim) at University of Toronto I met Dr. Karkukly while taking the Foundations in Project Management course at U of T. Her coaching style encouraged me to request her to mentor and coach me in the area of project management. Working with Waffa has brought me clarity and focus to help me determine my long term career goals and discover my strengths to plan my career. If you are looking for clarity in your project management career Dr. Karkukly is one of the best mentors in the field.

Eileen WaweruCAPM, Curriculum Project Manager (Interim) - University of Toronto

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