Project Management Office (PMO) Overview

You’ll learn how organizations across the sectors of the economy are chartering project management offices (PMOs) to support their organizations, project managers in their pursuit of excellence. The course will introduce the approach to managing the PMO lifecycle.


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If you are:

A project manager, program manager, portfolio manager, or new in heading a PMO, this course will provide the practical knowledge you need for success.

A functional (business unit) head who is asked to work with the PMO in your organization and would like to understand how to interact with the PMO and what to expect, this course will help you and your organization maximize the benefits of your interactions.

A student looking to become part of a PMO organization and wanting to know roles, responsibilities, and how the PMO works with other functions, then this is a must course for you.

A researcher seeking reference, literature review, and guidance on PMO surveys, this course and its companion book are a must combination for you.

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