An Investigation into Outsourcing of PMO Functions for Improved Organizational Performance: A Quantitative and Qualitative Study – Ebook



The objective of project management is to ensure that projects are delivered within budget and on schedule. This study explains how a good PMO office operates and why more companies are outsourcing these functions to improve organizational performance. Learn the risks involved with outsourcing PMO functions as well as the benefits of doing it right. Relying on both a global quantitative and qualitative approach, author Waffa Karkukly conducts numerous case studies across different industries. The case studies involve • the financial retail industry in India; • the energy and power industry in the United States; • the manufacturing industry in the United States; • the mining industry in South Africa. Results from both quantitative and qualitative examination of these case studies, along with surveys, show that outsourcing PMO functions has a positive impact on organizational performance. Learn how outsourcing PMO functions can help your organization operate more efficiently than your competitors, and provide your customers with more value with this detailed study and guidebook.