The Foundation of Organization Change Management (OCM)


The need for practical Organization Change Management (OCM) is required today more than ever.


Your organization is facing more risk, adopting greater change, amidst rapidly changing technology, and with many more change drivers that could impede adoption. A strong Change Strategy, that considers all driving forces and all risk factors, in the hands of a competent Change Agent, puts you and your organization ahead of the competition.




In this intensive course, you will learn……

– To become a more effective Change Agent

– To build a successful Change Strategy

– Why managing OCM is important to you and your organization

– Understand the various OCM Strategies – adopt the one(s) best suited to you and your organization

– Understand change management components at the individual level, team level, and at the organizational level.

– How to dynamically align change with your organization strategy.

– About the various certifications to help advance your career in change management

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