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    Agile Project Management Overview

    With increased pressure in organizations to run projects using Agile, there is a need to learn what is Agile?, how does it differ from traditional models?. Learn about the various Agile models and Agile project lifecycle.

    This course will give you the essentials to gain the confidence in understanding and contributing to projects using Agile practices.


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    Change Management and Project Management Overview

    Project management and change management are considered discrete management approaches, requiring specific roles, specific methods, and terminologies. On the one hand, it is essential to differentiate between these approaches, as it provides clear structures to how each discipline operates. On the other hand, the practical application of project management and change management calls for these approaches to be aligned at an organizational level and at an individual level to add value and contribute to the management quality of organizations.


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    Introduction to Project Management – Ten Steps to Manage Projects Successfully

    Getting Started:


    1- How to get started

    In very clear steps, this course provides you with tools and knowledge you need to kick-start your knowledge and understanding. Start a new career in project management or learn how to apply the skill for your everyday endeavours.


    2-Find clarity and direction

    Through its simplicity and focus on what really matters, this course will help you avoid many of the common pitfalls and set you on a path to succeed in learning, managing, and running a project


    3-Build confidence

    Learn to succeed in your study, in your job, and in running any project. Learn the components that goes into a project and all the factors and risks associated with it.


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    Introduction to Project Portfolio Management – PPM

    About the course


    The course will provide you with the concepts, definitions, and practices of PPM. It will review the meaning and significance of a PPM, areas of focus for PPM, benefits, and the various roles to support successful PPM.




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    Introduction to Project Risk Management (PRM)

    This course will provide an overview of the basic concepts of project risk management and its impact to the organization. Provide tips and techniques on how to leverage project risk management for success in your everyday projects. Whether your organization is risk averse or risk seekers, learn how you can identify risks that align with your organization culture and organization risk appetite.


    This course is designed for project managers and project professionals who are new to the profession.



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    Project Management Office (PMO) Overview

    You’ll learn how organizations across the sectors of the economy are chartering project management offices (PMOs) to support their organizations, project managers in their pursuit of excellence. The course will introduce the approach to managing the PMO lifecycle.


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    Project Management Overview

    This course will provide you with an overview of the essential Project Management concepts, tips, and tools and techniques for leveraging project management for success in your everyday endeavors.

    The course is designed for the general public to learn about project management and leverage project management techniques in everyday practice.

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    The Foundation of Agile Project Management

    About the course

    With increased pressure in organizations to run projects using Agile, there is a need to learn how to run projects the Agile Way. While project managers have been able to run projects using the traditional models, many of them struggle to run projects applying Agile practices. This course will give you the foundations to gain the confidence in understanding and running projects using Agile practices.


    In this course, you will learn:


    As a project manager how to apply Agile tools and techniques to ensure your project team and you constantly adding value. You will guide the product owner, the Scrum team, and your organization to deliver value, scale up or down, and measure progress using visualization techniques to measure “the valuable things”.


    As a contributor how to benefit from Agile practices, the expected roles and responsibilities, and what to expect from other project teams. You will learn how Agile practices empower you to perform and add value to your organization


    As a product owner how the Agile project manager (Scrum Manager) and the team help you achieve your goals and objectives, collaborate and work more effectively with you focusing on your value add product backlog using Agile techniques.


    As an Agile team how to better work together, learn the knowledge, apply the Agile techniques, including requirements management, estimating and planning, documentation practices, quality management, and metrics and control to embed Agile continuous improvement (CI) practices for your organization



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    The Foundation of Organization Change Management (OCM)

    The need for practical Organization Change Management (OCM) is required today more than ever.


    Your organization is facing more risk, adopting greater change, amidst rapidly changing technology, and with many more change drivers that could impede adoption. A strong Change Strategy, that considers all driving forces and all risk factors, in the hands of a competent Change Agent, puts you and your organization ahead of the competition.



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    The Foundation of Project Management Office (PMO)

    About the course

    Does your organization struggle to answer these questions?

    Should my company invest in a PMO?

    Can I advance my skills to manage a PMO?

    What functions should be performed by this PMO?

    How large are PMO staffs, and how experienced?

    What internal and external challenges that PMO’s face?

    What value does a PMO add, and how can I promote this internally?

    What are organizations’ priorities for the upcoming year, and how best to align this with the PMO?

    How can the PMO help project managers advance their skills?


    If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this course is for you. In this course you will learn to……


    Set up and sustain a project management office (PMO)

    Understand the various PMO models and key considerations

    Manage a PMO within the global context

    Establish guidelines for PMO implementation strategies and metrics.

    Establish policies for hiring and managing talent

    Expand your professional career opportunities


    You may review introduction before enrolling in the course.


    In this course, you will get to access a comprehensive set of video lessons which will teach you everything you need to know about PMOs.



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